#16 – Too much cricket may be quite enough

OK, I’m seriously conflicted. It’s this whole T20 Big Bash League.

My marketing brain gets it – more colour and movement, the reduced attention span limited over cricket format. A bite-sized entry point to the game in the digital age. It lives up to its name as it is fun and exciting to watch.  It is made for TV and based on last years ratings it has been a smash. It’s also appearing to have the desired impact to ignite the imagination of kids and parents and attract them to play the game.

I really want to like it. However, the critic in me doesn’t. And no I am not with the traditionalist crowd that complains T20 is detrimental to the sacred game and damaging the technique of the next generation of Test cricketers. Clearly, we can all agree, Continue reading

#5 – There was a result

As most of you will know, there is not always a ‘result’ in cricket – a win or loss. For those avid cricket fans who actually want to know what happened today and how Oscar fared I can report this.

CWSCA lost the toss and were sent into field. Oscar bowled five overs and was 1 for 7. He got the scalp of Parramatta’s best batsmen and an Emerging Blue – one of the best bats for his age in NSW. He had one maiden over.

Parramatta was 9 for 142 with the last wicket falling on the last ball on the last of 50 overs. We did well in the field.

After lunch, the second innings progressed slowly. Oscar went in as no.7 and got eight handy runs falling to a catch off a ball he hit a little too high.

No.8 batsman Jazz – Kaye from Hay’s son – came in and did an awesome job, partnering with one of our middle order batsman Hugh in about the 38th over. They had a run rate of 6+ in the last ten overs winning handsomely in the 47th.

CWSCA victorious on the pitch and buffet.

Until my next cricket mum moment ….. xxx Carla

#4 – Uphold tradition

Cricket, as I knew before this period of my life, has a lot of traditions.

I don’t know them all, but there was some top of mind ones that I can readily embrace.

G&T’s, for instance, are acceptable from after lunch.

Thanks to serious training from good friend TE, I know that Bombay Sapphire is to be had with lemon and lots of ice. Should I need to introduce cucumber, I will switch it up to Hendricks.