#9 – Find your niche

So today I again made my ‘potato & spinach pies’ as my contribution to the designated savoury lunch dish, as assigned by the Matriarch Manager. As no one had complained, died or failed to score runs from my two previous attempts I thought I should stick to what appears to work.

I realised it might become my niche when Kaye from Hay announced she was pleased there was enough left for the adults (after the two swarms of boys had been through the buffet). To add hot air to my pride balloon, an opponent’s parent approached our CWSCA MaDs mob to compliment us on a fine spread and demanded to know who was the maker of ‘that dish’.

This mum Sally loved it so much she wanted the recipe, which according to her is being passed around to other members of the Newcastle MaDs.

So to share the joy, please click the CONTINUE READING button for the link to the original Stephanie Alexander recipe. However, there are a few of things I do differently that makes it much quicker. So for those interested read the recipe first and then note my six differences.

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#8 – Rain rain go away

So this morning’s hard sub-tropical rain hit from 7.30ish and appeared to be setting in.

By 10ish it had eased off, the wind picked up and by 10.30 pitches were clean, dried and the game underway.

We normally are at the field by 8.45am for a 9.30am toss and 10am start. So not too bad but for the coaches and managers much harder as the are dealing with a team of 12 revved up and carb-loaded pre-teen or teenage boys.

As a rule, cricketers HATE cancelling cricket. Rep cricket is that serious that they will wait until 2pm before they cancel a game, hoping the weather breaks enough to go on.

The concession is – for those like me who are new to the game – an agreement to play the game with a reduced number of overs. So today the delay reduced out normal 50 over innings by 4 to 46.

Thankfully we had a home game, so Mr. 6 and I waited at home until the game had started. Not so great if we had been away in a far-flung place – and it can be a 2+ hour drive away for an all day Sunday game in Reps.

#7 – Find your tribe

So as the new recruit and clearly labelled bad influence of the MaDs – Mum & Dads – of the U13 Gee Shield CWSCA team I have entered the group no holds barred.

I am what I am.

That means it was I who introduced the G&T tradition last week. Clearly there was a latent desire as immediately from the group (of a now very happy MaDs) a new volunteer offered to bring a cocktail to the next game.

So what you see between my knees is Moody Martina’s Prosecco & Chambord on ice with lemon peel. It has no official name, so we are calling it ‘The Moody’.

The post lunch parent’s drink I can now say will be a feature of our team for the rest of the season as Lovely Linda put up her hand for next week – mojitos!

#5 – There was a result

As most of you will know, there is not always a ‘result’ in cricket – a win or loss. For those avid cricket fans who actually want to know what happened today and how Oscar fared I can report this.

CWSCA lost the toss and were sent into field. Oscar bowled five overs and was 1 for 7. He got the scalp of Parramatta’s best batsmen and an Emerging Blue – one of the best bats for his age in NSW. He had one maiden over.

Parramatta was 9 for 142 with the last wicket falling on the last ball on the last of 50 overs. We did well in the field.

After lunch, the second innings progressed slowly. Oscar went in as no.7 and got eight handy runs falling to a catch off a ball he hit a little too high.

No.8 batsman Jazz – Kaye from Hay’s son – came in and did an awesome job, partnering with one of our middle order batsman Hugh in about the 38th over. They had a run rate of 6+ in the last ten overs winning handsomely in the 47th.

CWSCA victorious on the pitch and buffet.

Until my next cricket mum moment ….. xxx Carla

#4 – Uphold tradition

Cricket, as I knew before this period of my life, has a lot of traditions.

I don’t know them all, but there was some top of mind ones that I can readily embrace.

G&T’s, for instance, are acceptable from after lunch.

Thanks to serious training from good friend TE, I know that Bombay Sapphire is to be had with lemon and lots of ice. Should I need to introduce cucumber, I will switch it up to Hendricks.

#3 – Pick your battleground

Lunch at Rep cricket games is also a competitive sport.

The convention is the home team is responsible for providing the visitors morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch.

I’m pleased to say I am part of the winning team – the Canterbury Western Suburbs Cricket Association (CWSCA). In terms of the menu, we set the bar high.

Before I arrived, this team already had the ‘curry maker’, the ‘quiche maker’ and the ‘cake maker’. There is, however, an opening in savoury and I am taking it.

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