#2 – Invest in forced relaxation

The biggest complaint levelled at cricket by non-cricketing peeps is that “it takes ALL day!”.

As a former non-cricketing person, I understand this remark. The implication is, of course, that we all have better things to do.

Thankfully due to my professional training in research and communications I understand about reframing. So the positive version of this situation is you are forced to stay in one spot for the day.

Once accepted I have discovered that investing in a comfortable portable chair located in a shady position with an interesting aspect allows for the following – thinking thoughts, mindlessly amusing one’s self with own thoughts, reading book, learning to knit, having a chat about the state of the world or pick whatever topic you want, sipping a coffee and of course watching the game that is evolving in front of you.

Always a problem solver I can make this situation work for me for optimum enjoyment, as well as being the supportive cricket mum.

In some ways I wish I discovered this earlier – shhh don’t tell my husband!

The pic above is my view as I write this!

#1 – Cricket isn’t the only thing that is competitive

My two oldest sons play Representative Cricket. This means they have trialled competitively against others their age from a number of clubs across our District.

Short story, they are pretty good and now play with, and against, the best there is in their age group across NSW. I understood that bit when they first played Reps together 4 years ago. What I didn’t know, until I became Oscar’s U13 Rep cricket mum and driver, is that the lunches served by parents are the most commentated part of the day.

Thanks to a family history of CWA baking, love of food and extensive cookbook collection, I am flexing my arms and dusting off recipes to feed large sporty boys who have grown up with MasterChef.

Introducing today’s contribution – potato and silverbeet torte – pre-oven (pictured). Introducing today’s contribution – potato and silverbeet torte (pre-oven pictured). It meets the criteria of:

  •  designated savoury contribution I was given by Matriarch Manager
  • is vegetarian (important for this wonderfully culturally diverse team),
  • has been tested at one of their trial games
  • and Oscar loves it.

Introducing Diary of a Cricket Mum – DOCM

Six years of ignoring the inevitable has been trashed. I now accept and embrace the fact that cricket will be part of my life for the rest of my life with four cricket tragic males in my life – three of which I created.

So in the last couple of months I have focussed my sizable brain, observing eye and active listening skills to start learning things I can never again unknow.

For those of you who recall my 2012 week long DOSM – Diary of a Soccer Mum – entries you kinda know the genre. Everyone else be prepared for random entries that cricket lovers might find curious and those that ignore or don’t know the sport might find amusing.

xxx Carla