#13 – Another game another cocktail

I’m happy to report that the post-lunch second innings cocktail session of the MaDs (Mothers & Dads) is truly embedded.

I want it noted that since its suggestion (by me in Game 2) and subsequent implementation (by me in Game 3 which inspired this blog) it has coincided with a four-match winning streak. I do know cricketers can be superstitious. I’m secretly hoping that others believe it is linked to a more relaxed parent cheer squad so that it is considered an essential part of all future programming (and could be possibly written into rules). In cricket, there are A LOT of rules and rule books. Ultimately they are governed by the Laws of Cricket but that is a post – or series of posts – for another day.

Moody Martina introduced the ‘Moody Martina’ last week (Game 4) and this week Lovely Linda took responsibility to make and mix jugs of mojitos. Now before anyone gets up in arms about the drinking and role modelling and all that jazz …

… we are all very well behaved, drink in moderation and ensure that boys, cricket and proper parental responsibilities are taken care of first.

Last Sunday, after accepting his first ever Sunday cricket cocktail, one of the Dad’s said to me “Are we allowed?”.

I must admit I was slightly taken aback and definitely confused. I had to ask first if there was actually rules for what parents can do. (To be accurate there are actually rules that relate to Code of Conduct for players, coaches, managers and parents.) Once I established that we weren’t contravening any of them I created the Stacey Administration rules for MaDs drinks that are as follows:

1. Nothing can interfere with the boys playing the game

2. It must be post-lunch, so all catering and caring responsibilities have been met

3. The cocktail on offer must be available normal, half-strength and virgin so everyone can join in

4. We recognise that it is our Sunday too!

I’m really not sure what the MaDs did for fun before I got there.

Pictured above are two of my Sunday new BFF's Kaye from Hay and Lovely Linda. 
Below is my half drunk mojito through which I viewed part of the second innings.


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