#12 – Too much heat is barely enough

IMG_0190I don’t really pay attention that much to weather. I am the ‘get what you get, and you don’t get upset’ kinda girl. And in Sydney it is easy to get complacent about weather – gorgeous one day, beautiful the next. Here you can happily swim nine months of the year. Well at least me, as an Adelaide girl, can swim nine months of the year as I never ever think about water temperature. (I mean seriously, you New South Welsh and Queensland people, what are you worried about!)

So it was only this morning at some time after 6am that I realised, one, just how hot it was going to be today where I lived and, two, how much hotter that would be out near Liverpool where I had to be with my cricket playing son and Mr.6. When thinking outer western Sydney just add 3-4 degrees Celsius and you’ll understand the benefits of close coastal living. Putting these two facts together and realising that the Matriarch Manager of the Rep Team also works professionally in child advocacy, I decided to not risk

being accused of child abuse by forcing Mr. 6 to spend 10+ hours on the side of an extremely hot field with no playmates, pool or anything that would resemble a ‘fun’ outing for him. I got to work and sent out six or so HELP! text messages to family and friends. I lucked out at 7.40am, 20 minutes before our departure time when one of my fabulous ‘it takes a village’ school mums said she’d have him. My guess was, she was up early enough to see the text messages but not awake enough to agree she was about to get an extra child on a Sunday from dawn till past dusk.

So with my youngest safely stashed in a cooler climate with a more responsible adult, Oscar and I collected a teammate and headed southwest. Not being from Sydney I quite like a road trip to locations around the greater metro area to better orientate myself with the sprawling urban metropolis of this multicultural city.

We found Edwin Wheeler Oval easy enough, just off the motorway, and prepared ourselves and the team for a scorcher. The weather didn’t disappoint as you can see from the image above. I’d never heard of Cartwright but apparently that was the exact location I was in (a suburb of Liverpool). When we found out that our hosts were not providing lunch (and that’s another story of outrage) I jumped at the chance of a supermarket errand to get the relief that only air-con can provide on a hot day. So from early this morning till about fiveish this arvo, when the Southerly started to cool things down, we sweated it out on the sidelines.

It’s a tough gig this watching cricket!

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