#11 – So what happened?

Apologies for not actually reporting on the game last Sunday.

I am pleased to the report the game occurring – U13 Gee Shield CWSCA vs. Newcastle – on the field of play went to us.

After a delay to the start, due to rain, our team CWSCA lost the toss and were sent into field. We fielded very well and got Newcastle all out to 99 getting the last wicket on the last ball of the innings. CWSCA chased down the runs in record time scoring 100 and with two wickets in hand.

In terms of Oscar’s bowling …

… he was outstanding – 9 overs, 3 wickets, 2 maidens and only 13 runs.


Thankfully my love of statistics is helping me start to grasp what is very good and very bad – the in between bits I find challenging. I have a long way to go on the nuance of it all. Then there is the individual understanding of each player based on what they are (batter, bowler or all-rounder) and who they are up against. And that is before I even start accounting for left or right handed, batting order, flow of the game and conditions, etc.

Sheesh this is gonna take some time!

For those of you keen on seeing the detail of the games and individual player stats then go to the CWSCA website and the impressive MyCricket database that captures all games played in any official comp in Australia.

Results herehttp://cwsca.nsw.cricket.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/match.aspx?locx=MATCH&matchID=1965639

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