#9 – Find your niche

So today I again made my ‘potato & spinach pies’ as my contribution to the designated savoury lunch dish, as assigned by the Matriarch Manager. As no one had complained, died or failed to score runs from my two previous attempts I thought I should stick to what appears to work.

I realised it might become my niche when Kaye from Hay announced she was pleased there was enough left for the adults (after the two swarms of boys had been through the buffet). To add hot air to my pride balloon, an opponent’s parent approached our CWSCA MaDs mob to compliment us on a fine spread and demanded to know who was the maker of ‘that dish’.

This mum Sally loved it so much she wanted the recipe, which according to her is being passed around to other members of the Newcastle MaDs.

So to share the joy, please click the CONTINUE READING button for the link to the original Stephanie Alexander recipe. However, there are a few of things I do differently that makes it much quicker. So for those interested read the recipe first and then note my six differences.

1. If the pastry stays in the fridge for two hours, I’d be lucky! What I usually do is stick the bowl with the olive oil pastry in the freezer for 30 mins before rolling out.
2. I NEVER cook the potatoes. I simply cut them into a 0.5cm dice. I only peel the potatoes if they have dirt on them. Baking in the oven actually cooks it through and the pie is more solid.
3. I NEVER salt the silverbeet. I just chop it up finely and dice the stalks and then pour a kettle of boiled water over it in a colander. I find it is easier to mix up the veggies and it the filling packs down more tightly.
4. I ALWAYS double the recipe because making two is as easy as one. “Bake the most of it,” I say! The torte is wonderfully versatile and loved by my three sons as it can be eaten hot, warm or cold. Sliced in 1/8 wedges is perfect for school lunches
5. When doubling the recipe a bit of extra mozzarella and another egg never goes astray.
6. You can make it with ANY root vegetable (potato, sweet potato, swede, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip, etc.) and ANY bitter green (spinach, silverbeet, rainbow chard, rocket – you name it) – my mob love every combination I try.

ENJOY – it has never failed me, everyone loves it and baked and served on pizza trays means it is an awesome picnic or buffet dish.

Recipe here: http://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/180/silverbeet-and-potato-torte

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