#8 – Rain rain go away

So this morning’s hard sub-tropical rain hit from 7.30ish and appeared to be setting in.

By 10ish it had eased off, the wind picked up and by 10.30 pitches were clean, dried and the game underway.

We normally are at the field by 8.45am for a 9.30am toss and 10am start. So not too bad but for the coaches and managers much harder as the are dealing with a team of 12 revved up and carb-loaded pre-teen or teenage boys.

As a rule, cricketers HATE cancelling cricket. Rep cricket is that serious that they will wait until 2pm before they cancel a game, hoping the weather breaks enough to go on.

The concession is – for those like me who are new to the game – an agreement to play the game with a reduced number of overs. So today the delay reduced out normal 50 over innings by 4 to 46.

Thankfully we had a home game, so Mr. 6 and I waited at home until the game had started. Not so great if we had been away in a far-flung place – and it can be a 2+ hour drive away for an all day Sunday game in Reps.

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