#7 – Find your tribe

So as the new recruit and clearly labelled bad influence of the MaDs – Mum & Dads – of the U13 Gee Shield CWSCA team I have entered the group no holds barred.

I am what I am.

That means it was I who introduced the G&T tradition last week. Clearly there was a latent desire as immediately from the group (of a now very happy MaDs) a new volunteer offered to bring a cocktail to the next game.

So what you see between my knees is Moody Martina’s Prosecco & Chambord on ice with lemon peel. It has no official name, so we are calling it ‘The Moody’.

The post lunch parent’s drink I can now say will be a feature of our team for the rest of the season as Lovely Linda put up her hand for next week – mojitos!

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