#3 – Pick your battleground

Lunch at Rep cricket games is also a competitive sport.

The convention is the home team is responsible for providing the visitors morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch.

I’m pleased to say I am part of the winning team – the Canterbury Western Suburbs Cricket Association (CWSCA). In terms of the menu, we set the bar high.

Before I arrived, this team already had the ‘curry maker’, the ‘quiche maker’ and the ‘cake maker’. There is, however, an opening in savoury and I am taking it.

So far my parmesan zucchini slice and the torte I made today have been winners. I have yet to be given my official category by the powerhouse Matriarch Manager but I am working on it.

Another cricket mum ‘Kaye from Hay‘ – the CWA bred, full-time nurse and awesome single working mother of two teenage boys (also known as the quiche maker) – has so far approved of my savoury contributions. BUT until she gives high praise I will keep testing and trying.

Lunch is not only competitive it is also serious. It is held at halftime – between innings in a 50-over game. Both team’s players, coaches, managers, parents and hangers-on assemble. The Captains of each team make a short speech and then the visiting team, home team and everyone else lines up for the buffet – in that order.

You can tell a lot about the demographics of the area the players come from based on their reactions and comments about the food. In today’s case, our opponents lined up first. Their boys selected only the BBQ chicken, sausages and the odd piece of fruit. Several made comments about everything else being “very healthy”. No veggie stick was harmed in the serving of their lunch. On the other hand, our lot tucked into the curry, salad, torte, meat and assorted offerings heartily with many comments of “yum” and “I love this”.

Here are some pics of the CWSCA buffet.

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