#2 – Invest in forced relaxation

The biggest complaint levelled at cricket by non-cricketing peeps is that “it takes ALL day!”.

As a former non-cricketing person, I understand this remark. The implication is, of course, that we all have better things to do.

Thankfully due to my professional training in research and communications I understand about reframing. So the positive version of this situation is you are forced to stay in one spot for the day.

Once accepted I have discovered that investing in a comfortable portable chair located in a shady position with an interesting aspect allows for the following – thinking thoughts, mindlessly amusing one’s self with own thoughts, reading book, learning to knit, having a chat about the state of the world or pick whatever topic you want, sipping a coffee and of course watching the game that is evolving in front of you.

Always a problem solver I can make this situation work for me for optimum enjoyment, as well as being the supportive cricket mum.

In some ways I wish I discovered this earlier – shhh don’t tell my husband!

The pic above is my view as I write this!

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