#16 – Too much cricket may be quite enough

OK, I’m seriously conflicted. It’s this whole T20 Big Bash League.

My marketing brain gets it – more colour and movement, the reduced attention span limited over cricket format. A bite-sized entry point to the game in the digital age. It lives up to its name as it is fun and exciting to watch.  It is made for TV and based on last years ratings it has been a smash. It’s also appearing to have the desired impact to ignite the imagination of kids and parents and attract them to play the game.

I really want to like it. However, the critic in me doesn’t. And no I am not with the traditionalist crowd that complains T20 is detrimental to the sacred game and damaging the technique of the next generation of Test cricketers. Clearly, we can all agree, Continue reading

#15 – If you’re good enough you’re old enough

I am a hockey player.

I often say that when describing myself. Like action chick, feminist mother or problem solver they are terms I use to define me.

I woke this morning and wondered why I did that – say hockey player that is. In my early morning reflections I realised it relates mostly to how I learnt to play the game.

I’m from Adelaide. A city planned by Colonel William Light that sits neatly within a single square mile surrounded by a ring of neat parklands before the burbs sprawl along its lengthy plains between coast and hills. In many of these parklands are playing fields of every type  – from netball to French cricket, tennis to footy, horse racing to croquet and a few hockey fields.

In 1981 on the South side of the parklands were some hockey fields with one of those ugly small besser block buildings that act as a clubhouse and changerooms. This was the home ground for a team of older women called The InlandersContinue reading

#14 – Break in proceedings

It’s been a big hard week in cricket for a lot of people with the passing of Phil Hughes.

This has impacted DOCM and so has today’s trip to Newcastle with the U13 Gee Shield CWSCA team to fight for a semi-final birth in the Rep comp. Alas unsuccessful – more on that later too.

Until I have time to update you on my musings from the frontlines of cricket discovery, I will leave you with the pics of ‘us in the bus’.

Kaye from Hay (aka quiche maker), Moody Martina and I did the road trip together today with our heavily deodorised offspring! Whilst we lost the match we won in style, comfort and general good humour.

FYI Cocktail of the Sunday was Dry&Dry.

Carla from the back of the bus, 30 November 2015


#13 – Another game another cocktail

I’m happy to report that the post-lunch second innings cocktail session of the MaDs (Mothers & Dads) is truly embedded.

I want it noted that since its suggestion (by me in Game 2) and subsequent implementation (by me in Game 3 which inspired this blog) it has coincided with a four-match winning streak. I do know cricketers can be superstitious. I’m secretly hoping that others believe it is linked to a more relaxed parent cheer squad so that it is considered an essential part of all future programming (and could be possibly written into rules). In cricket, there are A LOT of rules and rule books. Ultimately they are governed by the Laws of Cricket but that is a post – or series of posts – for another day.

Moody Martina introduced the ‘Moody Martina’ last week (Game 4) and this week Lovely Linda took responsibility to make and mix jugs of mojitos. Now before anyone gets up in arms about the drinking and role modelling and all that jazz …

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#12 – Too much heat is barely enough

IMG_0190I don’t really pay attention that much to weather. I am the ‘get what you get, and you don’t get upset’ kinda girl. And in Sydney it is easy to get complacent about weather – gorgeous one day, beautiful the next. Here you can happily swim nine months of the year. Well at least me, as an Adelaide girl, can swim nine months of the year as I never ever think about water temperature. (I mean seriously, you New South Welsh and Queensland people, what are you worried about!)

So it was only this morning at some time after 6am that I realised, one, just how hot it was going to be today where I lived and, two, how much hotter that would be out near Liverpool where I had to be with my cricket playing son and Mr.6. When thinking outer western Sydney just add 3-4 degrees Celsius and you’ll understand the benefits of close coastal living. Putting these two facts together and realising that the Matriarch Manager of the Rep Team also works professionally in child advocacy, I decided to not risk

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#11 – So what happened?

Apologies for not actually reporting on the game last Sunday.

I am pleased to the report the game occurring – U13 Gee Shield CWSCA vs. Newcastle – on the field of play went to us.

After a delay to the start, due to rain, our team CWSCA lost the toss and were sent into field. We fielded very well and got Newcastle all out to 99 getting the last wicket on the last ball of the innings. CWSCA chased down the runs in record time scoring 100 and with two wickets in hand.

In terms of Oscar’s bowling …

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#10 – Seriously? I mean really? No you didn’t say that

Ahem. Women and Good Men of Australia, family and friends. Below is what I posted on Channel 9 Facebook page today at a 4.39pm. They seem to have a filtering feature on their page which means they view items first before ‘unhiding’ them. I don’t have a problem with that but I will have a problem if, after reading my letter, they deem it something they will not show their FB community in ‘Post by Others’ section of their page. Want to know what I said? Then read below. If you support what I say then, please share publicly as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Carla

Dear Channel 9

I have three things so say to you:
Second – you have got to be KIDDING me?
Third – it’s not enough, and we are watching you.

Let me explain. Continue reading